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Architecture: 48-105: Architecture Design Studio: Foundation II: Guide


Buildings and Their Architects
Research Tips and key sources for researching buildings and their architects.


Key sources for finding images of architecture and more.


Building Types
Research tips and key sources about building types includes houses and housing, libraries, and museums

Precedent Study

Follow these tips:

Search the free Web:

  • Many buildings and architects can be found on the free Web on architects' firm web sites, active architecture blogs, etc.; but note that many web sites are commercial and promotional in nature. Look for information from credible sources. You will likely need to look elsewhere for in-depth information, critical analysis, good drawings, and high-resolution images.

Search for books and e-books and articles:

  • CMU Libraries: Everything
    Use the library's <Everything> search to find books and articles. Use the left hand column to target your results. Use the button to try to determine if Carnegie Mellon has access to electronic or print versions of an article. Note that very few buildings have entire books written about them, but buildings may be part of a book with a broader topic. Articles often provide the best information about buildings and the best drawings and other images.

  • Worldcat
    Find books and other resources in libraries around Pittsburgh, the country, and the world. Worldcat acts as a massive bibliography of published materials.  Use the Serials Solutions 360 Link button to look for books at Carnegie Mellon or to request a book via interlibrary loan.


Search for articles in architecture databases:

  • Art & Architecture Source and Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals in EBSCOhost
    Select the <Art & Architecture Source> and <Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals> boxes. Click CONTINUE to search both databases at one time. Use these databases to identify articles that have been published in art and architecture journals. Use the Serials Solutions 360 Link button to try to determine if Carnegie Mellon has access to electronic or print versions an article. Articles often provide the best information about buildings and the best drawings and other images.

Use Interlibrary Loan:

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