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Library Instruction Tools: Instruction@CMU

This guide is intended as a tool-kit for instruction librarians.

Instruction Essentials

So you are planning a class or a workshop and want to know what your options are.  Here's a list of available options on campus:

Reserving Spaces in the Library:

Instructions on reserving University Libraries spaces can be found on the UniLib Intranet pages here.



Reserving a cluster or a classroom:

You can reserve a computer cluster or a classroom space using 25Live.

Once you click on the linked image on the left, You may be asked to log in with your Andrew ID.

There you can search for available clusters or classrooms.  Be sure to read the User Guide.


  1. Getting limited options?  try increasing or decreasing the number of attendees by a few.  Results match exact or closest but may list few options if the number of attendees is over capacity or way under capacity.
  2. Visit the location prior to teaching (or at least 15 minutes before) to verify technology.  That said, if you highlight the location link, you sometimes get a photo of the space.
  3. Select "Cluster (for an Academic Course)" if you are teaching a 50 minute session.  Select "Cluster (for Event) if you are conducting a workshop.  Other options are not suggested.


Other CMU spaces: 

CMU offers other alternatives for a conference/event space intended for large audience.  You can submit a request here.

Coming Soon! Stay tuned ... 

We use Springshare's LibInsight for two main purposes:

  • To record instructional activities - use this form
  • To edit or analyze the data recorded - use the LibInsight interface.

New and simpler form is here!

What's new?

  1. Direct link to form using a widget (you still need to log in to enter data)
  2. One column format 
  3. Simplified submission:  One button and one record at a time
  4. You get to see what you entered after you submit the record

Note:  if you still prefer the old form, you can log in directly to LibInsight and enter your data using "Record Data" from the task bar at the top BUT you won't be able to see the information you submitted instantly.  You will have to exit the form to do that.



Comments or Suggestions?

Please email with any comments or suggestions for improving this guide.