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Satisfaction Survey 2014 FAQ: Completing the Survey

This guide should help answer many of the questions about our Satisfaction Survey 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Completing the Survey

  1. How long will the survey take?

    The survey typically takes from 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

  2. Can I skip questions that don't apply to me?

    Please do not skip any questions in the LibQUAL+ survey.  If you do not wish to answer a question or feel a question does not apply to you, select NA (not applicable). Incomplete surveys are not counted in the aggregate scores.

  3. Will there be any special incentives for participating?

    There is no compensation per se for completing the survey, though incentive prizes will be offered as thanks to participants. At the end of the web-based survey, you may elect to include an email address, which will enter you in a drawing for the chance to win one of three iPad minis with Retina display. The survey is available through March 3.

    Award winners will be contacted after the close of the survey to claim their award.  An announcement including the names of the award winners and prizes will be posted on the University Libraries web site.  Award recipients will be required to fill out a tax declaration form.

  4. Which Web browsers are supported for the survey?

    Any browser should work so long as it is not too old. It does not rely on erratically supported browser features such as Java or cookies..

  5. Is the survey exclusively web-based, or can I complete a paper version?

    Respondents may obtain a paper copy of the survey in any of the University Libraries or may request a pdf version.

  6. Is the survey compatible with text-to-speech web browsers?

    Yes, the survey is compatible with the JAWS screen reader software.

  7. Why isn't the survey at a local Web address?

    The survey is administered through the Association of Research Libraries and Texas A&M University, and the survey and data are housed on secure Texas A&M servers.

  8. Why does the survey seem to repeat the same question(s)?

    The survey examines a variety of dimensions of library services, each represented by a number of questions. Repetition or redundancy in questions allows the survey designers to analyze the validity of each service quality dimension through statistical methods.

  9. What discipline category should I choose for my major or area of research?

    To reduce the number of options but still provide meaningful information to library planners, we have clustered some disciplines. If you are in doubt as to what discipline you should select from the drop-down list on the survey, select "Other". Carnegie Mellon University employees not engaged in discipline-based research may choose "Other".