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About this guide

Getting Started

Get started with Zotero by downloading the application. You can choose to download the Firefox extension or Zotero Standalone, with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browser extension options.

Mobile Apps:

While Zotero has no "official" apps, there are various apps available either free, or for a small fee, from third party providers [See Mobile Apps in the Learn More box to the left].

Good to Know

  • Zotero supports thousands of citation styles [see Citation Styles in the Learn More box to the left].
  • Collaborate with other researchers using Zotero: create groups, work with a partner, you decide how open to be!
  • Zotero provides 300MB of free online storage and syncing options.  More storage is available for a fee.
  • Access your Zotero account online--get your research anywhere you have Internet access!