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Architecture: Web

Research Tips

  • Free Web
    Sites on the free Web contain content that people are willing to give away for free. The free Web is a great place to look for factual and introductory information and for some types of images; but many sites on the free Web are commercial or promotional in nature. Sites on the free Web vary greatly in quality and should be critically evaluated.

  • Web Resources @ Carnegie Mellon
    Web resources provided by Carnegie Mellon University Libraries are selected and purchased to support your academic work. The Libraries subscribes to web-based content including ebooks, articles, databases and other resources that you cannot access through the free Web. Start on the CMU Libraries home page.

  • Google and other Search Engines
    Use search engines to search the free Web. Each search engine has strengths and weaknesses and will produce different results. None searches the entire Web. If you use Google, try Google: Advanced Search for more precise and more flexible searching.

  • Google Books
    Find some books that are available on the free Web. However, Google Books often provides only previews or other excerpts since many books are protected by copyright and cannot be made available for free.

  • Google Scholar
    Use Google Scholar to identify scholarly content on the free Web. Google Scholar often provides previews or other excerpts when content is protected by copyright and cannot be made available for free. Use Settings: Library links to connect to Carnegie Mellon subscription content.