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Modern Languages: 82-345 - Reflexiones sobre la comida: Comience aquí

This guide is for a course title Introduction to Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies.

Necesita un tema

General sources like dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias are great to start with.  They provide background information and help get you thinking about a topic.  Use the Advanced Search in the library catalog, and look Spain (in Subject) AND Encyclopedia (in Subject) AND Culture (in All Fields).  Try various combinations.

You can also check the encyclopedias tab of our Reference Shelf research guide.

Once you explored a topic, use the tool on the right to help you generate as many terms as possible specific to your topic.

This list should get you started:

Search Credo Reference

Credo Reference is an online source of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and  much more.  It is a great place to explore topics.

lluvia de ideas sobre palabras

Utilice esta herramienta para ayudarle lluvia de ideas para las palabras de búsqueda. Después, utilice "búsqueda avanzada" para combinarlos en catálogos de bibliotecas o bases de datos.

No dude en enviar sus propias sugerencias o utilizarlo para organizar las palabras en sub-temas por revolver palabras alrededor!

Remember to...

Consult General Tips for Finding Resources in Different Languages on the Modern Languages guide home page.