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Art and Architecture Source (formerly Art Source) is the best place to begin a search for articles about artists' books.

Search tips:
Use the phrase "artists books" in quotations as one of your keywords.
A citation and/or abstract (a summary of the article contents) and  full-text of the article may also be included.


Selected Special Issues on Artists Books in Periodicals

Occasionally a periodical will dedicate a significant portion of an issue to the theme of artists' books. A selection is listed below. These articles can be found by searching the database Art and Architecture Source (formerly Art Source).

Art and Literature. 21-article special section on art and literature. Kunstforum International. No 140, April/June, 1998.

Intersection of Experimental Literature & Artists' Books. Special Issue of JAB 24: The Journal of Artists' Books No24 3 Fall 2008.

Art Through the Pages: Library Collections at the Art Institute of Chicago. Special Issue, Museum Studies, Volume 34:2, 2008.

The Artist's Book: Text and Its Rivals. 14 article special section in Visible Language, Vol 25, Spring 1991, pp. 177-333.

Artists' Books. 6 article special section in Artweek, Vol 26, January 1995, pp.16-26.

Artists' Books. 3 article special section in Afterimage, Vol. 12, January 1985, pp.4-6; 9-11; supp i-xvi.

Artists' Books: Print Era and After. 8 article special issue in Art Papers, Vol 21, November/December, 1997, pp.10-37.

Artweek Focus Looks at the State of West Coast Bookworks. 5 article special section in Artweek, Vol 22. June 6, 1991, pp.17-23.

Books: Special Issue. 6 article special section in New Art Examiner, Vol. 26, No.3, November 1998, pp. 18-43.

Books by Artists. 4 article special section in Print Collector's Newsletter, Vol. 24, July/August, 1993.

Contemporary Prints and Artists' Books. 5 article special section in Cimaise, Vol. 40, January/March, 1993, pp.7-20; 53-9.

Experimental Narrative and Artists' Books. 15 article special issue in JAB (Journal of Artists' Books), No. 12, Fall 1999.

Photography After Conceptual Art. 10 article special issue in Art History, Volume 32, Issue No. 5, December 2009.
Two articles specifically discuss the book works of Ed Ruscha and Roni Horn.

Photography in Print in Great Britain. 5 article special section in Creative Camera, No.2, 1987, pp.14-32; 38-9.

"Something Else": Ed Ruscha's Photographic Books. October, No. 111, Winter 2005, 107-126.
Part of a special issue on the work of Ed Ruscha.

Periodicals to browse


JAB Journal of Artists' Books online from 1994
JAB Journal of Artists' Books in print
from 2001
Print issues are in the Hunt periodicals collection.
Search here for a full index of published issues.



Afterimage is available online only starting in 2019.

Print back issues are shelved on the 3rd Floor of Hunt Library by the title 2009-2018.



Now completely online: a quarterly of news, articles, reviews and links about artists’ books, art books and other multiple editions, including audio and video tapes; 1978-2005 free on the web; Hunt Library Collections contain the print issues of Umbrella from 1996-2005 (shelved on the 3rd Floor of Hunt Library).


Art on Paper

CMU Libraries has 1999-2009 in print (ceased publication in 2009)
Search the database JSTOR for issues online 1998-2009


Bonefolder: an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artists


Avalanche Magazine Index
An index created by Amy Balmer and Jennifer Poggiali of the contents (not an archive) of the artist magazine Avalanche produced in 13 issues from 1970-1976  This will be useful to anyone interested primary documentation on conceptual art. Here's a review.