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Modern Languages: 82783 - L2 Acquisition Theories & Research: Looking for Articles?

This guide will assist you in your research for this course. Be sure to check out other course or subject guides for additional resources.

Suggested Databases

Now that you are ready to try some of the search words you selected, you need to select a resource to search.  With all the databases available to you at Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, this can be daunting. 

You can try searching the university website (use advance to focus your search).

However, sometimes searching one or two resources can save you time.  Try the databases suggested here:

Tip:  Off-Campus or using wireless?  Use your Andrew ID and password to log in when prompted.

TIP:  One approach would be to identify journals specializing in second language acquisition, you can use Carnegie Mellon University's e-journals to search for "second language".  Each title in the list can then be searched by other keywords.