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Companies: Start

This Guide

will show where to research companies for coursework, investing, job searches, etc.

News Sources and Research Articles

 Articles in newspapers, magazines, and trade journals are rich in data, up-to-the-minuteScholarly research provides an analytic view.

Company Basics

Company Directories

Get addresses, executives, sales, # of employees. Also lists of companies with similar characteristics: geography, revenue, etc.

Case Studies

S&P Capital IQ

In-depth financial/valuation data resource, including information on equities, credit ratings, transactions, and more. Use hundreds of data points to generate lists of companies, markets, executives. Includes an Excel plug-in for data analysis. Includes information on both private and public international companies. Use this guide for more info!

NOTE: Only available on the 4 public computer terminals, Hunt Library 1st floor.

**This resource can not be used during internships. It can only be used for academic and research purposes.** 

Company Analysis

Company Financials

Historical data on companies