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Design: 51-611 MA Studio I - Visual Communication Fundamentals: Databases

Keywords & Search Terms

  • public health - community health - health care services
  • mental health - mental health services - behavioral health 
  • substance abuse - drug addiction - substance use
  • therapy - treatment - treatment barriers - rehabilitation - counseling 
  • adults - youth - teenagers - addicts - family relationships
  • community health professionals - healthcare professionals - social workers
  • services - referral - training - advocacy - intervention - communication - access - public information
  • case study - program evaluation - program development - assessment - quality improvement
  • campaign - visual communication - design and human factors

Research Databases

Articles of Interest

Hanlon, C.A., Chopra, J., Boland, J., McIlroy, D., Poole, H. and Saini, P. (2022), "James’ Place model: application of a novel clinical, community-based intervention for the prevention of suicide among men", Journal of Public Mental Health, Vol. 21 No. 1, pp. 82-92.

Damian, A. J., Gallo, J. J., & Mendelson, T. (2018). Barriers and facilitators for access to mental health services by traumatized youth. Children and Youth Services Review, 85, 273–278.

Tyler, L., Hadley, R., Rader, A., Dewitt-Feldman, S., Hezarkhani, E., Gu, E., . . . Drake, C. (2022). A tailored SMS text Message–Based intervention to facilitate patient access to referred community-based social needs resources: Protocol for a pilot feasibility and acceptability study. JMIR Research Protocols, 11(10).

Kozelka, E. E., Jenkins, J. H., & Carpenter-Song, E. (2021). Advancing health equity in digital mental health: Lessons from medical anthropology for global mental health. JMIR Mental Health, 8(8).

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