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Psychology: 85-356: Expertise: The Cognitive (Neuro)Science of Mastering Almost Any Skill: Databases

A guide on how on finding literature and using library resources

How to Use Databases

Research databases are key to conducting comprehensive or specific searches of the scholarly literature across many different publishers and journals. They include special tools and filters to help you narrow and expand your search.

Many databases, such as PsycINFO, have more advanced search tools than Google Scholar and will allow one to more efficiently find the literature that they are looking for. 

Google Scholar Configuration

Make sure that your Google Scholar settings are configured properly so that you are able to access all of the articles CMU Libraries have in their collection! 


Useful Databases for this Class

Finding Other Databases

You can explore other databases that CMU Libraries subscribe to here. Search by subject area (psychology or neuroscience) to find relevant databases. You can also quickly access this webpage from our CMU Libraries homepage by clicking on the Databases, Eresources, & Tools Quick Link.