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Psychology: 85-356: Expertise: The Cognitive (Neuro)Science of Mastering Almost Any Skill: Citation Management with Zotero

A guide on how on finding literature and using library resources

Zotero for Citation Mangement

Zotero is a citation manager that allows you to keep track and organize information as you find it, share it with team members, and then write a bibliography with a single click. It saves a lot of time! This tool will be very useful for your team projects in this class as well as all of your future projects, papers, and research at CMU. Since Zotero is free and open-source, you will even be able to keep using it after you graduate. 

The short videos below will walk you through how to use the tool, including how to add citations, work on group projects, and create bibliographies. If you need help with any of it, please contact the librarian on the Home page of this guide. 

Getting Started with Zotero

Looking for help with managing your citations? In this 3 minute video, you will learn how to download the free and open-source citation management tool, Zotero, and configure your settings.


Adding Citations to your Zotero Library

In this 5 minute video, you will learn how to add journal articles and webpages to your library as you browse the internet, add metadata information to the items in your library, and create notes.


Organizing your Zotero Library

Looking for help with keeping your citations organized? In this 2 minute video, you will learn how to keep your Zotero library tidy by creating Collections and Subcollections.


Creating Groups in Zotero

Want to share references with collaborators? In this 1 minute video, you will learn how to create groups for sharing citations when working on projects and papers with others.


Creating a Bibliography with a Single Click!

Want to quickly create a bibliography? In this 3 minute video, you will learn how to create a bibliography automatically in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and easily change the style of the bibliography.