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Dietrich College Interdisciplinary: 66-109 Grand Challenge: Climate Change: Mock Climate Change Negotiation

Resources for Everyone

Finding Academic Articles

Related Research Guides

Statistics and Data

If you're looking for numbers to back up your arguments, try some of these resources.

Resources for Negotiators

Intergovernmental Organizations

Research Organizations

Resources for Lobbyists & Activists

Finding Think Tank Publications

In addition to going to specific think tank websites, try the following database to search across think tank publications on a particular topic.

Finding NGO Websites

Try the customized Google search of NGO websites to find organizations whose focus is a certain topic.   



Check out the observers and non-party stakeholders section of the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change website.


Websites of environmental NGOs

Industry Perspectives

These databases include articles from trade journals, which can provide insights into the perspectives of different industrial sectors.  Try the following in either of these databases:

  1. Search for "climate change"
  2. Use the Source Type filter on the left to limit the search to Trade Publications
  3. Click on the Publication or Publication Title filter to explore the different trade journals that came up in your search. The titles should tell you something about the industry represented by that publication.



There are many trade organizations and associations that provide a platform for industry-wide perspectives and policy positions.  Try searching Google for an industry along with the word 'association' to find the key representatives in different sectors.  For example, try the following searches in Google:

  • coal association
  • petroleum association
  • transportation association



Finally, you can find statements about the environment on the websites of major companies in particular industries, like BP or the Honda Motor Company.  Look under the About Us or Who We Are sections for company statements about the environment. You can also search Google with the company name and the term environment: GE environment.