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Data Management for Research

Data Management Support at CMU Libraries

We offer hands-on, engaged support for all your questions and challenges in data management for all disciplines across CMU and all types of data. Email us at to get started!

Here are some examples of the support we can provide:

Grant Support

  • Pre-proposal consultation for writing Data Management Plans (DMPs)
  • Customized strategies for data management planning & implementation
  • Support for DMPTool, with templates for specific funding agencies & a standard DMP template for CMU
  • Up-to-date information on funding agency requirements for data


Operational Data Management Support

  • Recommended practices for organizing, describing, sharing, publishing, & preserving data
  • Standards for file naming, metadata, storage, security, & documentation
  • Data management needs assessment
  • Consultations for research data management practices
  • Data management planning for projects or publications


Education & Outreach

  • Data literacy education for students & research groups
  • Advice on lab protocols to ensure continuity in the research group
  • Educational resources & customized training in partnership with other CMU resources
  • Collaboration with faculty as active grant participants on research projects & workshops


Data Sharing & Reuse

  • Options for sharing & publishing research data and meeting funder requirements
  • Resources for data repositories in your discipline
  • Advice on data formats and metadata that meet repository requirements
  • Guidance on copyright & licensing for your research data & publications