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Keenious: Finding and accessing articles

It is possible to search using Keenious in a number of ways to make it most convenient to integrate with your research workflow. A web-based version allows for the input of text or upload of files for searching from any browser, while plugins for Microsoft Word and Google Docs enable searching directly from documents as you work. It is important to log in using your CMU account so that you are granted full access to library-subscribed resources.


Check out this demo on using the tool from Keenious, and see below for helpful screenshots.

Web Interface

Once you log into your account, Keenious will take you to its Explore menu, where you can upload a PDF, or paste in a URL or text to use to search for articles.

Keenious web interface

Google Docs plugin

The Google Docs plugin integrates seamlessly with to allow you to search for articles using Keenious from your files in Google Docs.

Installation of Google Docs plugin

Keenious plugin for Google Docs

Microsoft Word plugin

The Keenious plugin for Microsoft Word allows you to search for relevant articles directly from your document.

MS Word plugin Keenious

Keenious Research Explorer

The Keenious Research Explorer window will quickly analyze either the full text or a selection of text from your document and display a list of journal articles related to your document.

Keenious article recommendations


It will also suggest topics related to your document, which can be used to further explore and identify relevant research.

Keenious topic recommendations


You can utilize filters to narrow down recommendations, based on date of publication, citation count, or keywords.

Keenious recommendation filters


Selecting an individual article will provide you with a more detailed view of the article abstract and other descriptive information, as well as a list of topics and related articles to explore. From here, you can generate a citation for this article by clicking on the quotation icon, add the article to your bookmarks by clicking on the star icon, or access the full text through CMU Libraries, the article DOI link, or the PDF link.

Keenious explorer single article view