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Philosophy Department: recommend a purchase?

This guide provides resources to support teaching and research for the department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University.

My Role

As a liaison to the department,  I am expected to select materials that reflect the needs of course offerings and to support the curriculum as well as the research interests of the faculty .

This is accomplished in various ways that include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing current publications in the discipline and selecting appropriate resources based on assigned budget.

  • Maintaing contact with the department's faculty liaison to the library.
  • Conducting periodcial evaluation of the collection to ensure relevance to the department's need.
  • Attending departmental functions such as faculty meetings, recruitment, orientations, lectures, etc.

The Role of Faculty, students, and staff

Jan mary Puhl, the Academic Coordinator for the department, and I work together to serve as liaisons to the library for the Philosophy department.  We encourage active participation by all the members of the department, school or program in providing recommendations for acquiring books and resources.  Faculty at large are also encouraged to contact me directly regarding:

  • Student needs (such as course assignments, readings lists, etc.)
  • Important and upcoming publications in their discipline
  • Accreditation requirements and curriculum changes
  • Perceptions of the collections’ strengths and weaknesses

Faculty suggestions for purchases can also be made filling out the form on the right.  These recommendations will be reviewed by me.  I reserve the right to refuse a recommendation as a result of budget or failure to meet selection criteria outlined in our collection policy.

Students and staff are also encouraged to use the same form to submit their recommendations. These recommendations will be reviewed by me and will be considered in terms of available budget and selection criteria outlined in our collection policy.  Whenever students or staff members have identified themselves on their request, they will be informed of the status of their request.

About Collection Development

One of my responsibilities as a liaison is to develop a collection with some input from faculty, students, and staff of the English Department and Carnegie Mellon University as a whole.  For the collection policy, acquisition profile, and other acquisition related information, please click here.

Recommend a Purchase

If you'd like to suggest a resource, please fill out the following form. You're purchase will be reviewed and I will follow up with you regarding its acquisition:



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