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Engineering and Public Policy: Data Management: Publication and Preservation


An important part of the data lifecycle is the ability to prepare, release, and share, or disseminate, quality data. The data should be medium- and agent-independent, with an understanding that transfer may occur via automated or non-automated mechanisms.  Data needs to be shared, but with controls to protect proprietary and pre-decisional data and the integrity of the data itself. Data sharing also requires complete metadata to be useful to those who are receiving the data.

Be Unique-Get an ORCID Identifier!

An ORCID ID uniquely and persistently identifies you throughout your career. You can gather together works and data associated with other identity systems and institutions, including those maintained by funders and publishers. With ORCID, you maintain all key information in one place and control privacy settings, including what information is displayed and shared.

Use the University Libraries web application to get or register an ORCID identifier. Using the web application allows for authenication, while ORCID membership and IDs enable the University to more easily track and analyze CMU’s scholarly output.  See  ORCID @ CMU for more info.


Preservation involves actions and procedures to keep data for some period of time and/or to set data aside for future use, and includes data archiving and/or data submission to a data repository.

CMU Libraries offer KiltHub as our institutional repository, where research data and research output can be stored. can help you identify relevant subject and institutional repositories for your data.


Data Managment Services

Hannah Gunderman is the Research Data Management Consultant.  If you are ready to store data, or have questions about data management,  you can email her for a consultation.

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