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Modern Languages: 82187 - Money and Morality in Chinese Culture: Select Internet Resources

This is a course guide to help you find resources for your class projects.

Free Portals

The following resources are freely available on the websites:

CEI Chinese Law and Regulation (Chinese): Hosted by the State Information Center, a Chinese central government agency. It includes two major databases: the National Laws and Regulations Data Bank which covers Chinese laws and regulations covering from Oct. 1, 1949 to the end of 1997; and the New Laws and Regulations Online Searching. Also provides other useful information on Chinese law.

ChinaSMACK: Commentary by Chinese netizens on trending topics and current issues, translated into English, with links to the original Chinese source.China Copyright and Media: The Law and Politics of China’s news and entertainment media, Rogier Creemers

China Elections & Governance 中国选举与治理 (Chinese and English): provides resources on governance and election affairs and gives scholars worldwide the opportunity to study Chinese politics and offer reform measures.

China Internet Information Center 中国网: "China's official gateway to news and information," available in Chinese, English, and other languages.

The China Story, Geremie R. Barmé, Australian Center for China in the World

Government agencies of China: a list of Chinese government agencies.  These can be the best sources for current information, particularly on economy and government, as well as laws.

Internet Guide for Chinese Studies: A guide to scholarly resources on the Web, maintained by Sinological Institute, Leiden University.

Internet Chinese Legal Research Center: Created by Wei Luo. Provides links to Chinese legal resources on the Internet, legal research guides and other information related to Chinese legal research. The site covers China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Sinica podcast: Current affairs from local news to media relations to soft power. Hosted by Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei, and Kaiser Kuo, director of international communications at Baidu.

Disclaimer: Due to the occasional information block by the Chinese government, some of these links might be temporarily unavailable.

Additional resources

American (and British) Newspapers with Chinese Websites