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Psychology: 85-180: Freshman Seminar: Personality and Health: Databases

Content by Sue Collins and Ana Van Gulick


The databases below are those most relevant for finding materials on personality and health topics.  If the full text of the article isn't provided, use the  icon to find full text retrieval options.  Since  PubMed and Google Scholar are free resources, they need some configuring in order to be able to link to any CMU licensed materials, such as full text journals. For Google Scholar, see Configure your Google Scholar Settings.  For Pub Med, create an NCBI account to be able to use the Outside Tool to link to resources.  The video My NCBI: Selecting Your Outside Tool Preference had detailed instructions.   If any journal link takes you to a pay option, do NOT pay!! We can get materials for you at no charge via the our interlibrary loan services.   See the If We Don't Have What You Need tab for options.


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