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Writing a Psychology Paper: Planning Your Research

Content by Sue Collins, Maintained by Ana Van Gulick

Planning Your Research

Look at the available resource guides and plot out a strategy.

  • use the bibliography at the end of articles in encyclopedias to get some basic resources
  • plan what types of resources and sources you need and which databases you will use
  • think of keywords or subject headings that would be good for your topic-use thesauri when available
  • plan your search strategy, thinking of what boolean or proximity operators you might need, if you'll use wildcards, etc. Make sure you know how to do the search in the database you plan to use
  • start your research early so that you have time to get materials that are not in the Libraries via ILLiad and/or EZBorrow.

If you are unsure of which database to use or what keywords or subject headings to use, or what would make a good search strategy, talk to a reference librarian. Reference librarians can help you locate appropriate encyclopedias, help you find good terms to use, and develop a good search strategy.