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Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity Canon

Cybersecurity Canon

Carnegie Mellon University Libraries provides access to all 2016 and 2017 Cybersecurity Canon Inductees.  Access options and relevant instructions are provided below for each title.

According to the Cybersecurity Canon website, the goal of this Canon is to "identify a list of must-read books for all cybersecurity practitioners – be they from industry, government or academia -- where the content is timeless, genuinely represents an aspect of the community that is true and precise, reflects the highest quality and, if not read, will leave a hole in the cybersecurity professional’s education that will make the practitioner incomplete."  More about the Cybersecurity Canon can be found here:

Please also take a look at the other titles on the Canon candidate list at the above website - many of them can also be accessed through the University Libraries, with more being added each day.

Cybersecurity Canon 2016 Winners

Cybersecurity Canon 2017 Winners