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Data 101: Types of Data

In this LibGuide, we introduce you to the wide world of data, including data types (qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, geospatial, etc.), finding data, visualizing data, and managing data.

Data take many forms, and exist in all academic disciplines!

Image Description: An image with three types of data, including points on a map, a box of travel photographs, and some Python code, accompanied by the text "Types of Data."

Data take many forms, and exist in all academic disciplines!

This section of the Data 101 LibGuide introduces you to the many visual and structural forms that data may take, from points on a map to a stack of books! Click on the dropdown arrow in the "Types of Data" tab to learn more about: 

1. Quantitative Data

2. Qualitative Data

3. Ethnographic Data

4. Geospatial Data

The Magical World of Data

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