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Mellon College of Science: 38-101: Eureka! Discovery and Its Impact: Start

Library guidance for first-year MCS students (2019)


The resources to the right can provide succinct overviews of your possible topic.  They will help you to craft a database search by helping you to gain familiarity with the vocabulary of the topic.  Some might even suggest areas of future work or indicate active research areas. 

Resources for Locating Background Material

Contact a Science Librarian

Melanie Gainey, Biological Sciences Librarian, Mellon Institute Library, (412) 268-3171,​


Huajin Wang, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Librarian, Mellon Institute Library, (412) 268-3172,


Neelam Bharti, Chemistry Librarian, Mellon Institute Library, (412) 268-6107,​


Matt Marsteller, Mathematical Sciences & Physics Librarian, Sorrells Library, (412) 268-7212,​