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Teaching Materials: Explore

This guide showcases ways to supplement your assignments or improve access to resources for your students.

Canvas Modules

Invite our librarians to be "embedded" in your online courses.  This could be as simple as adding their contact information to your online course, including them as a TA on the course so they can create library assignments or research modules, assist students with research by commenting on posted topics or resources, and even hold virtual research consultation hours.

If you require one of the above services, please consult Find a subject specialist for the appropriate contact.

Research & Course Guides

Our librarians created Research Guides - available on the University Libraries' web site - to assesst individuals with self-guided research.Your liaison librarian can also create tailored guides for your course.

Course Reserves

Course reserves are required reading materials your professor assigns for your particular class. Electronic reserves may be accessed from anywhere on or off-campus. Physical reserves are for in-library use only for a limited time period.  Within certain copyright restrictions, faculty and instructors can place materials on reserves for a course they are teaching by filling out the form on the course reserves page.