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Our Speaker Cybersecurity @ Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Vyas Sekar  

Dr. Vyas Sekar

‚ÄčAssistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department


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NSF awards CyLab’s Vyas Sekar over $1 million to help secure the Internet of Things



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Vyas Sekar: Network Security: Making the Internet a Safer Place Security of Internet of Things - 2016 Mobile World Congress

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This book provides a comprehensive survey of the security and privacy research advancements in Internet of Things (IoT). Since IoT is very varied and has been introduced in many different contexts, the system model introduced plays a crucial role in integrating the concepts into a coherent framework. After the system model, the book introduces the vulnerable features of the IoT. By providing a comprehensive discussion of the vulnerable features, the book highlights the problem areas of IoT that should be studied concerning security and privacy.



This book discusses the cyber-assurance needs of the IoT environment, highlighting key information assurance (IA) IoT issues and identifying the associated security implications. Through contributions from cyber-assurance, IA, information security and IoT industry practitioners and experts, the text covers fundamental and advanced concepts necessary to grasp current IA issues, challenges, and solutions for the IoT. 



This book explains the fundamental concepts of IoT security, describing practical solutions that account for resource limitations at IoT end-node, hybrid network architecture, communication protocols, and application characteristics. Highlighting the most important potential IoT security risks and threats, the book covers both the general theory and practical implications for people working in security in the Internet of Things.



This book will take readers on a journey that begins with understanding the IoT and how it can be applied in various industries, goes on to describe the security challenges associated with the IoT, and then provides a set of guidelines to architect and deploy a secure IoT in your Enterprise. The book will showcase how the IoT is implemented in early-adopting industries and describe how lessons can be learned and shared across diverse industries to support a secure IoT.



This important book examines...important security considerations for the IoT, covering topics including federated identity management in IoT systems; security policies and access control; formal models and foundations of the IoT; verification and analysis of security properties in the IoT; secure IoT architectures, protocols and platforms; model driven security engineering of IoT systems; security-driven analytics of big IoT generated datasets; security patterns and standards for the IoT; and privacy and anonymity in IoT systems.