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Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical Information 101

This guide is designed to provide you with resources for BME research, writing, & publishing.

The Right Journal for Your Research

How can I find a "trusted" journal?  


Where can I find the "best" journal for my research? 



Concise Medical Dictionary thru Oxford Reference Online
Credo Reference contains many dictionaries, example:

For print dictionaries, do a keyword search, for example,  "medical dictionary" or "biotechnology dictionaries" in our Library Catalog


For print encyclopedias, check our Library Catalog or try browsing the "R" and "RS" section in the Sorrells Engineering & Science Library book stacks.



Rapid Publications - Freely available articles

Can I get scholarly articles for free?
The concept of "open access" is evolving.  Some publishers offer select articles through open access journals, such as BioResearch Open Access
How can I get access to articles that are not openly available?
Use our free Interlibrary Loan service to request them.

Databases & Indexes

What databases do you have? Which one should I use?  
We purchase databases for specific subjects, such as Compendex (engineering content) via: 
Engineering Village - The information discovery platform of choice for the engineering community
Other databases are freely available, such as PubMed. 
  • The Engineering and Science databases list provides brief descriptions that will help you choose the best places to find information.

Print and electronic resources

Where can I get some quick information?  
Manuals and handbooks are available in our print and electronic collections.  Check the Library Catalog for particular titles or to search by a keyword or subject.

Example of a print handbook check Library Catalog for locations
Cover Image
Example of an online text that can be found in the database, Knovel:


One-One Help

For advice with finding information, please send your query to

Biomedical Engineering research

SAVE TIME using Library services for finding and appraising the literature on your topic:

Direct you to identify and use scholarly databases + find published and unpublished research.

Help you to select key words for your search + suggest ways to narrow your results + tips for SMARTER web browsing.

Contribute to your awareness of engineering ethics and direct you to sources relevant to the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Evidence-based searching