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Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical Resources

This guide is designed to provide you with resources for BME research, writing, & publishing.

Print & Electronic Resources

Most of our resources are digital but you can browse our Catalog to find both digital and print options for books, manuals, handbooks, and more. If you don't know exactly what you are looking for, try doing a key word search. If you can find what you are looking for, email an engineering librarian at or use our inter-library loan service to get a PDF or book from another institution.


To find more dictionaries, including print options, do a keyword search, for example,  "medical dictionary" or "biotechnology dictionaries" in our Catalog.

Databases & Indexes

The Biomedical Engineering databases list provides brief descriptions that will help you choose the best databases and encyclopedias for biomedical information. Some popular options include:


For print encyclopedias, check our Catalog or try browsing the "R" and "RS" section in the Sorrells Engineering & Science Library book stacks. Here, are some online options:

Online Lectures