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Modern Languages: 82188 - Uses and Abuses of Haiti: Looking for Primary Sources?

This guide provides students with some starting points while researching Haiti

Primary Sources

Haiti History Archive
Collection of primary sources on the Haitian Revolution and Toussaint Louverture translated in English by the volunteers of the  The Marxists Internet Archive (MIA,

Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity: Slavery and the Haitian Revolution
This site includes background information, images, statistics, and primary documents.

The Louverture Project
An open-content resource that includes encyclopedic entries, timelines, images, maps, and primary source documents.

Memoirs of General Toussaint Louverture,Written by Himself

Remember Haiti - John Carter Brown Library

"Site showcasing a selection of books from the John Carter Brown Library that are available online through the Internet Archive. Created with the support of partners from around the world, the intent of this library is to provide access to the remarkable history of Haiti."

Selection of Primary Sources on the Haitian Revolution from the Library of Congresss
HatiTrust - Offers open access to over 10 million digitized multidisciplinary and multi-lingual sources.

TIP:  You can also  use the library online catalog CAMEO to find collection of published primary sources or books including primary documents    Just enter your keywords and add one of the following words, depending on what you are looking for:  correspondence, papers, speeches, memoirs, personal narratives, documents, sources. 
For example:  Haiti and revolution and (sources or documents or letters)