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A few tips before you start

 - If you are having trouble viewing the data, try changing your browser (to Firefox, IE, etc.)
 - Links in italics are subscription databases -to use them while off campus, log in here first.
 - Have fun!

Current Macroeconomic News

Something new to try

Databases to use

Some other sources

(find more on Datasets page)

Country Reports/Data

Outlook, risk, market analysis, growth, banking & finance, etc. -
select "Browse by Location" for country breakdown.  Sort by most recent date to get the most current at the top.


Economic Indicators from the International Economic Statistics database at the St. Louis Fed.

Overall information and demographics - use database:  Europa World - select a country in the upper right search box.  All the categories on the left side open up into many more - the directories, also.

Basic statistics - quick reports from Encyclopedia Brittanica or CIA World Factbook.

Overviews, news, forecasts, facts, reports and more links – use portal: Global Edge – country briefings.

Detailed demographic and economic data, use database: World dataBank  - you will first choose your country, then your “series” (which is a large set of variables; expand the categories to see them all) , and then your time frame, to get both a chart that you can download, and a map.

Economic data, such as exchange rates, international liquidity, international banking, interest rates, production, trade, government accounts, and national accounts, use database: International Financial Statistics and other IMF Databases

Articles on emerging markets

Company Financials