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English: 76-107 - Writing about Data: Understanding the Format:

This guide is designed according to the BEAM framework to address research assignments for writing about data.

Writing about Data can take various formats:

Table of Report Types


Data Analysis:

There are many ways to write about data.  The table on the left lists some roads you can pursue.
Whatever your approach is, your audience should be a major drive to how you write about data.
The overall structure of a data analysis report is simple: 
1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Discussion
4. Conclusion(s)​
5. Appendix/Appendices
The writing should be as "unremarkable as possible" - overly formal or casual, metaphorical, technical.  It should be simple and focus on the procedure or outcome, not the process, and not be too broad or narrow (again, consider audience).

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Writing About Data

This video is a great and succinct introduction to writing data analysis.

Presenting Data