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Modern Languages: 82-119 (Arabic Calligraphy Culture & Skills): Background

This resource is intended to provide supplemental sources for students enrolled in Arabic Calligraphy Culture & Skills

Arabic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting Arabic script in a fluid manner to convey harmony, grace and beauty. The practice, which can be passed down through formal and informal education, uses the twenty-eight letters of the Arabic alphabet, written in cursive, from right to left. Originally intended to make writing clear and legible, it gradually became an Islamic Arab art for traditional and modern works (Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage - read more)

This page focuses on introducing resources about Arabic Calligraphy as an art form.

Introductory Videos

Introduction to Manuscript Making

Arabic Calligraphy in Lights

Art, Calligraphy, and the Qur'an

A Brief History of Arabic Calligraphy

Four Decades of Arabic Art

Women and Arabic Calligraphy


Book Selections

Searchable Open Resources

Relevant Guides