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Artificial lungs to provide permanent, home-based respiratory support


Keith Cook

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering

Bioengineered Organs Initiative

McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine


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Demarest, Caitlin T., "Prolonging the Useful Lifetime of Artificial Lungs" (2017). Dissertations. 870.

Topic-related scholarly articles

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Thompson, A. J., Marks, L. H., Goudie, M. J., Rojas-Pena, A., Handa, H., & Potkay, J. A. (2017). A small-scale, rolled-membrane microfluidic artificial lung designed towards future large area manufacturing. Biomicrofluidics, 11(2). Abstract available.  


Neurons that can be turned on and off to alleviate the movement-related symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

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Aryn Gittis

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Mellon College of Science


Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC)


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Topic-related scholarly articles

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