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EBA: Evidence Based Acquisitions: Start

This guide describes the Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) subscriptions available at the CMU Libraries and how to access them.

What are EBAs and how will they work?

Evidence-Based Acquisitions enable us to evaluate and supply ebooks based on the needs of the library.  It is a hybrid model combining patron driven and package purchasing.

At the end of each EBA 12 month subscription term, a report will be sent out to the liaisons with title, cost, purchasing, usage, and other miscellaneous information collected during the EBA subscription period.  From that report, the titles with the most usage will be purchased.  Liaisons, however, also have the option to contact the Head of R&DS with any title they would like to purchase in perpetuity, regardless of usage, and it will be purchased.

EBA Subscription Purchased by Library > Full Access Provided to Collection > After Subscription Period Ends, Library Selects Titles to Purchase 



EBAs Available

CMU has Evidence-Based Acquisition agreements with the following publishers:


Cambridge University Press 

Cambridge Core is the home of academic content from Cambridge University Press. Cambridge Core is the place to find valuable, useful and inspirational research and academic information. With over 1.8 million journal articles and 46,000+ books, Cambridge Core is the central destination for academic research.



We have access to the the following collections:

  • Chemical Engineering 2019

    Chemical Engineering 2020

    Chemical Engineering 2021

    Chemical Engineering 2022

    Chemical Engineering 2023

    Mathematical Sciences 2020

    Mathematics and Computing 2021

    Mathematics and Computing 2022

    Mathematics and Computing 2023

    Materials Science 2019

    Materials Science 2020

    Materials Science 2021

    Materials Science 2022

    Materials Science 2023

    Physics and Astronomy pre-2007

    Physics and Astronomy 2014

    Physics and Astronomy (Legacy 1)

    Physics and Astronomy (Legacy 2)



Browse over 3,300 eBook titles and a portfolio of over 300 journals authored by renowned academics and industry leaders from over 150 countries. Our books and journals collection boasts titles from a vast range of subject areas from management and finance to criminology and social media.


IGI Global

Subject areas, including Business & Management; Scientific, Technical, & Medical (STM); and Education


Institute of Physics (IOP)

IOP ebooks brings together innovative digital publishing with leading authors from across the physical sciences to serve the needs of students, researchers, and faculty.



Explore millions of rights-cleared visual materials like artworks, maps, photographs, and more from the world’s best sources.


ProQuest Primary Sources Access & Build

Collections of ProQuest databases containing primary source content from newspapers, magazines, books, manuscripts, U.S. and UK Government Documents, and more.   ProQuest Primary Sources , with its rich content, supports the need for varied content types in support of researchers and students.


               Proquest Primary Sources Access and Build Resources Updates


Springer Political Science & International Studies EBA 2020-2024

The Political Science and International Studies eBook Collection brings together timely interdisciplinary research from around the globe, offering academics access to up-todate research on everything that drastically changes and shapes the society that we live in. Spanning conflict, elections, development and policy, this collection answers the question of how and why governments and organizations shape every factor of our lives, and what ideas are at the forefront of answering the world’s most pressing questions in an era of rapidly evolving crises.


Taylor & Francis 

Single destination platform with eBooks in science, technology, engineering, medical, humanities and social science.



Extensive collection of online multidisciplinary resources.



How do I determine if we have access to a book through an EBA?

First search the library catalog.  If the title isn't listed there, check the individual EBAs with the links listed to the left.  You can also check in Gobi.

When searching Gobi, how do I determine if we already have access through an EBA?

When searching in Gobi, look at the right side of the screen to see if we have access through an EBA.  The right panel will indicate when it has been added to a library based evidence based collection.  

Can all EBA collections be seen in Gobi?

Cambridge University Press, Wiley, and Taylor & Francis are represented in Gobi and will be indicated in the right panel when we have access through their EBA collection.  

Is access guaranteed through an EBA?

Books accessed through an EBA are leased rather than purchased.  Because of this, some titles may be added or occasionally dropped during a subscription period.  At the end of the subscription, we will purchase the most used titles for our permanent collection.

Should I firm order a title that we have access to through an EBA?

It is best to wait until the subscription period ends and then the most used titles will be purchased at that point.  If you want to ensure a title gets purchased, you can send that title to Kim directly and she will order it at the end of the current subscription.  

Are all EBA titles listed in the catalog?

Most will be listed in the catalog.  Because new titles are added, or less commonly, removed periodically, the catalog may not indicate all titles in the collection at all times.  But most of them will be represented there.  It is recommended to search on the publisher platform if you wish to review the most up-to-date content.

How may people can access EBA collection ebooks at one time?

Access to all ebooks in the EBA collections is unlimited.

Are all titles from each publisher included in their EBA collection?

No.  The contents of the collections are determined by the publishers and can change for various reasons.   

Can ebooks be downloaded?

In most cases, full book PDFs are available for download.