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Modern Languages: 82242 - Finding Professionals to Interview: Start


Basic vocabulary and descriptions

Descripción de profesiones


To find specific professional associations in individual countries, do a Google search using keywords such as

asociaciones profesionales +

medicina, chimia, finacieros, etc. +

chile, el salvador, espana, etc.

Get Articles

Tips for improving Google search Results:

* Use Spanish search terms, e.g. "ingenieros latinoamerican@s"

* Use Advanced Search to set language to Spanish

* Use Advanced Search to limit by domain (e.g. .edu or .org)

* Try starting at the website of an organization (e.g. company, university, theater)


If you want a more comprehensive list, go to the library's website and click on Research Databases, then search by subject.  Here are some relevant categories:

The general Research Guide for Spanish has additional sources you might want to review.  You can also find more information on these sources from the Research Guides.  Use the "Subject" filter to get a list of relevant subject guides.  

What Else Do I Need To Know?

If you're connected remotely, read Connecting from off-Campus

If you need an article or book that Carnegie Mellon doesn't have, request it from our free Interlibrary Loan service (ILLiad). If you've never used it, you will need to register (one time only while you have active status at CMU).  Articles are usually delivered electronically.