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Carnegie Mellon Institute for Strategy & Technology: 84-250 Writing for Political Science and Policy: Data and Statistics

This guide provides links to resources useful for conducting library research, writing literature reviews and finding background information to inform policy briefs, white papers and other type of policy writing.

Google Dataset Search



Try Google's dataset search. Search the web for datasets on any topic.

Commercial data aggregators

The library offers access to a number of commercial products that aim to facilitate the discovery and use of data from public and private sources.

Military Balance+

Military Balance+ logo

The Military Balance+ is the online defense database from The International Institute for Strategic Studies, that allows researchers and users to plan, analyze and enable delivery of policy and commercial objectives for the private sector, governments, armed forces and media. The database includes equipment data, defense budget data, defense procurement data, military deployment data and policy and capability analysis. To request a live demo or tutorial, please contact Sarah Young,

United States Statistics

International Statistics

Public Opinion and Polling

Mapping Tools


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