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Heinz College: 90-736 Public Finance: News and research articles

This guide provide links to library and other resources useful for public finance research.

Tax Notes

Tax Notes Logo

Tax Notes is a source of daily news, analysis, and commentary for tax professionals and tax researchers.Tax Notes is a portfolio of publications offered by Tax Analysts, a nonprofit tax publisher. It includes comprehensive and impartial coverage of tax news, and includes access to publications such as Tax Notes Today and the magazines Tax Notes Federal, Tax Notes State and Tax Notes International. To access Tax Notes, CMU affiliates must create an account while on a computer in CMU's IP range and using their email address.

Politico Pro


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PoliticoPro is a leading source of timely policy news and analysis.  It covers 15 overarching industry areas including Agriculture, Budget and Appropriations, Campaigns, Cybersecurity, Defense, Education, eHealth, Employment & Immigration, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, Tax, Technology, Trade and Transportation. Features include:

  • Morning Newsletters on each of the above industry sector homepages that give those interested in specific areas a daily look-ahead as to the key areas driving the day in these sectors. Newsletters are housed on each policy areas homepage. Go to the PoliticoPro Newsletter page to sign up for email alerts.
  • Whiteboard news alerts on each policy sector’s homepage that provide a chronological timeline of recent policy news as well as long-form. 
  • Documents with an intuitive search feature to find relevant and timely primary sources, including Dear Colleague letters, CBO and Congressional Research Service Reports, etc.. 
  • The Calendar provides up to date information about policy events in Washington including Hill hearings, think tanks events

Access to Wall Street Journal Online


Wall Street Journal Logo


Finding scholarly articles

Finding the News

To access individual newspapers or find articles that you come across online, go to the library homepage and click on the Journals link above the main search box. From there, search for the title of the newspaper. We have current access to most major newspapers through a variety of platforms. For direct links to common newspapers, see the list below. For a more in-depth guide to find news, including historical and international, see the Newspapers Research Guide.

Staying current

Many news and analysis sources offer daily or weekly alerts about new content. This can be a great way to stay current with tax policy news. Click on the links to below to find information about subscribing for free to these information sources.

  • Tax Notes: By creating an account with your CMU email address as noted in the box to the left, you can subscribe to the many Tax Notes news alerts available.
  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System: From the website: "The Federal Reserve Board e-mail notification service alerts subscribers to newly available testimonies, speeches, articles and reports in the Federal Reserve Bulletin, press releases, and other items."
  • The Hill: You can freely subscribe to receive emails alerts about various reports and newsletters related to political news and policy-making.
  • WSJ Real Time Economics Newsletter: Once you've created your Wall Street Journal account as noted in the box to the left, you can subscribe to newsletters like this one. It offers timely news, analysis and commentary on the U.S. and global economy, central bank policy and economics.
  • Bloomberg Opinion: You can sign up for the Bloomberg Opinion newsletter to get alerts to new Opinion content from this authoritative source.
  • Politico Newsletters: Apart from access to the PoliticoPro platform through the library, you can sign up for a number of free email newsletters from Politico at the link provided.
  • Project Syndicate Newsletters: Project Syndicate provides expert commentary and analysis on current global news and topics. They provide a number of weekly and monthly newsletters to help you keep informed and dig deeper into current events and headlines.