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History & Culture


Articles and Journals


NESS Magazine. (2021). MoMA’s reconstructions: Architecture and blackness in America.

Deem Journal. (2020). Sepake Angiama on architecture, unlearning, and how to be together.

Chenier, C. (2018). Protecting Black Culture in this New, New OrleansNOIR 'N NOLA.

Canadian Centre for Architecture. (2017). Can there be a global architectural history today? Presentations by Kenneth Frampton, Esra Akcan, and Mark Jarzombek. A History of References

McGuigan, C. (2016). Architecture and the history of race. Architectural Record, 204(10), 21.

Zandi-Sayek, S. (2014). The Unsung of the Canon: Does a Global Architectural History Need New Landmarks?. ABE Journal, 6

Gürel, M., & Anthony, K. (2006). The Canon and the Void: Gender, Race, and Architectural History Texts. Journal of Architectural Education, 59(3), 66-76.

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