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Text and Data Mining with TDM Studio: Home

A guide on how to access TDM Studio at CMU, construct text corpus from subscribed ProQuest content, and use the platform for text mining

What is TDM Studio

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ProQuest TDM Studio is a web-based platform that allows you to access and analyze large amounts of text data while collaborating with colleagues in real-time on one platform. Using content retrieved from ProQuest database, you can build your corpus and conduct data analysis, text mining, and visualization to uncover relationships, patterns, and connections within and between datasets. It allows you to either use your preferred data analysis methods in a coding workbench in Jupyter Notebook environment, or a pre-defined data visualization module with no coding experience needed.  Results can be shared within your team or exported for further use.  More information can be found here and here

How to Get Started

Anyone with a valid CMU email address can request access to TDM Studio. To request access, please send an email to Sarah YoungEmily Bongiovanni or your liaison librarian, with names and email addresses of everyone who would like to access the same workbench. You can always add new users at a later time. By default, each workbench can support 1-5 users. Once your workbench is created, you will receive a confirmation email that includes instructions on how to get started. 

To access your account and reset passwords, visit and login with the email address that you initially provided, and select  “Forgot Your Password”. You will be sent a forgot password link which can be used to set your password.

A one-page quick start guide can be found here: to help you get started using the workbench.

If you already have a TDM Studio workbench and would like to use the visualization interface,  you need to register the same email address to access the visualizations but, you will not be prompted for a password. Use your existing password when you login to the visualizations. You may need to log out and log back in for the process to work. 

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