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English: Program - English Studies: Articles

Core Databases

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Here, you'll find a list of major databases that contain full-text and/or citations for a variety of journals relevant to English.  These are good starting points for research in various areas related to English studies:

Specialized Databases

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These databases contain primary documents and tend to be more specialized:

Finding More Journals

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Here are some major titles relevant to various aspects of English studies:

If you know the title of the journal, then you can search to see if it is available online and if the article is also available. Online journals vary in availability, so be sure to check listed dates.

In addition, you can get a list of e-journals by catagory.  You'll find Linguistics, Philsophy, Society and Culture, etc. under "Art and Humanities".  Be sure to also look at "Social Sciences, where you'll find catagories such as Gender Studies, Political Science, and Sociology.

Begin here: