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About this guide to conducting Systematic Reviews

Image credit: Examining Clouds by Kate Ter Haar, via,, CC BY 2.0

This research guide provides an overview of the systematic review process, guidance documents for conducting a systematic reviews, and links to resources to help you conduct a comprehensive and systematic search of the scholarly literature.  Navigate the guide using the blue tabs above or the following links:
  • Getting Started:  This page defines a systematic review and how it differs from a traditional literature reviews.
  • Steps in a systematic review:  See this page for the steps involved in a systematic review, including guidance on registering a systematic review protocol.   
  • Methodology and Documentation:  There are many guiding documents available for systematic reviews in various discipline. This page provides links to resources for guidance and standards for systematic reviews.
  • Searching the published literature: To get you started on planning your systematic search of the literature, this page provides guidance for finding appropriate databases and conducting comprehensive searches.
  • Searching the gray literature:  This page provides guidance for approaching your search of the gray literature in a structure way, and links to sources where you can find things like dissertations and technical reports.
  • Managing the process:  Tools and guidance for managing a systematic review, including reference management and the screening process.
  • Finding and appraising systematic reviews: If you are looking for systematic reviews to guide your own practices, this page is for you. You'll find links to systematic review databases, and guidance to critically appraising systematic reviews.