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Engineering and Public Policy: 19-427/19-627: Special Topics: Energy Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Home

This guide

provides you useful information on energy innovation and entrepreneurship.

National Directories

U.S. Government reports

Agencies of the federal government often support entrepreneurial efforts, and produce market-oriented reports, in their areas. Do a google search ending in "" to limit to governmental sources.  Examples:

Industry overviews

Find industry leaders, statistics, current status, future trends, histories and profiles here.

News sources on markets, industries

Reports on niche or new industries often appear in trade journals - found in these databases. Use search terms such as “market,” “forecast,” “trends,” “overview,” etc. along with your own market identifier, i.e. “transceiver".  Example: "A Low-Power Miniaturized 315 MHz Transceiver Module for Biosignal Transmission."


Demographics and characteristics of consumer markets

Market analysis

Assessing your market means finding the potential revenue for a product or service - and there are many ways to do this, including primary research (interviews, surveys) and secondary research (reports, statistics, articles.)

We can help with the secondary research:

  • Locate an Industry Overview
  • Find analysis in articles in the News Sources box on this page (i.e. use "market" and "size" with your keywords)
  • Research your customer base in the Demographics box
  • Use government statistics such as - the Annual Survey of Manufacturers Value of Products Shipments, which covers several thousand individual products.