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Social & Decision Sciences: 88-252 Causal Inference in the Field : Finding data

This research guide provides links, information and resources for the causal inference course in Social & Decision Sciences. Please reach out to the Libraries if you have questions about using these resources.

Google Dataset Search



Try Google's dataset search. Search the web for datasets on any topic.

Commercial data aggregators

The library offers access to a number of commercial products that aim to facilitate the discovery and use of data from public and private sources.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Logo
LinkedIn Learning, formerly, offers a wealth of video tutorials and courses to learn software, creative and business skills. As a CMU affiliate, you can access and use LinkedIn Learning for free.  For more information, visit the CMU LinkedIn Learning page.




The Center for Behavioral and Decision Research sponsors a university membership to CARMA (the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis). CARMA provides webinars from leading industry methodologists in the social and organizational sciences.

To access their content, go to and create a free account using your andrew.cmu email address.

Local and Regional Data

United States Statistics

International Statistics

Public Opinion and Polling

Sources for Microdata

Microdata are data for which the statistical units are individual people or objects. These data have not yet been aggregated into statistics about groups, and thus can be downloaded, manipulated, used in statistical models, etc. Below are a few sources for large population and economic microdata sets.