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A portal to citizen science resources and opportunities at Carnegie Mellon, around Pittsburgh, and online.

What Is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is the involvement of the public in scientific research – whether community-driven research or global investigations ( At the core of citizen science is the belief that science is for everyone.

The four common features of citizen science practice are: 

  1. Anyone can participate
  2. Participants use the same protocol so data can be combined and be high quality
  3. Data can help real scientists come to real conclusions 
  4. A wide community of scientists and volunteers work together and share data to which the public, as well as scientists, have access. (Flagg 2016)

Featured Resources

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Follow the link to view an expanded list of citizen science resources, including media, projects, funding opportunities, and more! 

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This work was adapted from Judit Ward's Citizen Science LibGuide at Rutgers University Libraries.