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Gateway to history at CMU. General history resources, subject specific resources, and class resources for historical research.

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Policy Map

A U.S. national data and mapping tool and analytics platform with multidisciplinary applications. Useful for social sciences, urban studies, real estate and housing analysis, community and economic development, public administration, public health, policy and political science, education, business, economics, statistics, and geography, among others. Includes thousands of U.S. data indicators for demographic and socioeconomic analysis, from a neighborhood census block group in many cases, up to a national level.

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

Essential primary sources for studying the history of the film and entertainment industries, from the era of vaudeville and silent movies through to 2000. The core US and UK trade magazines covering film, music, broadcasting and theater are included, together with film fan magazines and music press titles. Magazines have been scanned cover-to-cover in high-resolution color, with granular indexing of all articles, covers, ads and reviews.

Harper's Bazaar Archive

The complete archives of the US and UK editions of Harper's Bazaar magazine, a fashion, arts, and culture authority from 1867 to the present. Scanned in full color, it features detailed indexing and searchable text.

Vogue Archiveā€Ž

The full contents of Vogue magazine (US edition) in full color page image, from the first issue in 1892 to the present, with monthly updates for new issues.

Country Life Archive

Comprehensive archive (1897 to 2005) of the weekly British culture and lifestyle magazine, Country Life, focusing on fine art and architecture, the great country houses, and rural living. Every page is fully searchable, and reproduced in full color and high resolution. Country Life Archive presents a chronicle of more than 100 years of British heritage, including its art, architecture, and landscapes, with an emphasis on leisure pursuits such as antique collecting, hunting, shooting, equestrian news, and gardening.

Time Magazine Archive

The complete digital version of more than 77 years of the prominent weekly news magazine dating back to its first issue in March, 1923 through December, 2000 in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. Published weekly by Time Inc., the magazine has focused on conveying to a broad audience a wide range of topics, including national and international current events, politics, sports, health, technology, and entertainment.

Education Magazine Archive

Archive of magazines in the field of education, ranging from the early 20th to 21st centuries. The publications are aimed at teachers and other educational professionals and chart the evolution of educational policy, practice and theory.

Gerritsen Collection of Aletta Jacobs

Books, pamphlets and periodicals reflecting the evolution of a feminist consciousness and the movement for women's rights. The Gerritsen Collection has since become the greatest single source for the study of women's history in the world.

Gilded Age

Searchable collection of primary documents and scholarly commentary for researching the period 1865 to 1902. Includes songs, letters, photographs, cartoons, government documents, and ephemera.

History Vault

Access digitized letters, papers, photographs, scrapbooks, financial records, diaries, and many more primary source materials taken from the University Publications of America (UPA) Collections.


Largest African American oral video history archive in the world. The site works best in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. It uses the style "object-fit" which may not yet be supported in Edge and is not supported in IE, so image aspect ratios may show incorrectly in those browsers.

Life Magazine Archive

An extensive collection of the famed photojournalism magazine, spanning its very first issue in November, 1936 through December, 2000 in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. Published by Time Inc., the magazine has featured story-telling through documentary photographs and informative captions. Each issue visually and powerfully depicted national and international events and topical stories, providing intimate views of real people and their real life situations.

How to Read a Call Number (Library of Congress)

Need a refresher?  Here's How To Read a Call Number.

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What Does a History Librarian Do?

At Carnegie Mellon, each department and/or school has a librarian assigned to it.  As the librarian to the history department, I buy the history books for the library.  I also prepare library guides (like this one!) that help users understand what resources we have for their research and teaching interests.  Upon request, I also can do instruction sessions on particular history topics or resources.   In addition, I explain and inform the history faculty and students about library policies and other related library information they need to know.  I am available, by appointment or via email, for research consultations, helping you find the best resources for your topic or how best to use the resources that we have.  I also  serve on several library committees and  work on library projects when necessary.