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Human Library 2021 It's from 17:00-19:00 I can't fix the calendar!

Education City Virtual Human Library

Welcome to the first ever Education City Virtual Human Library!  With a tagline of “Never judge a book by its cover,” at a Human Library, as a "reader" you can “check out” or hear the sto…

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021
10:00am - 12:00pm
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What is Education City Virtual Human Library ?



Both TAMU-Q and CMU-Q have a long history of facilitating a safe and respectful environment for members of diverse communities to discuss their experiences with the greater campus community. Building on the success of these programs, we want to combine forces and bring more people together by hosting a Human Library™ event. Human Library™ is a program administered by the Human Library™ Organization based in Copenhagen Denmark   


With a tagline of “Never judge a book by its cover,” at a Human Library™ event, fellow community members or “readers” can “check out” or hear the stories, ask questions, and learn more about “books” or volunteers who share their stories of how the different aspects of their identity impact the way they see and experience their everyday lives. This event will be an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the diversity of Education City and will provide a safe and supportive and respectful environment for people to learn more about and connect with more ways to better understand the experiences of fellow members of their community.   


From the Human Library® Organization:

What is a Human Book? 

A Human Book is a person who has volunteered to challenge prejudice through respectful conversation with members of the public, who borrow them. They will have a title that relates to their experience of prejudice and/or discrimination. 

Can anyone be a Human Book? 

No. Only people who have experienced prejudice due to issues such as race, sex, age, disability, sexual preference, gender identity, class, religion/belief, lifestyle choices or other aspects of who they are can be a Book. The title they choose must directly reflect this in order to challenge the Reader to reflect on the stigmatization that occurs.