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Oral History Program: Home


Here you can learn about the university's Oral History Program and gain access to helpful oral history information and resources. This guide includes information about the Oral History Collection at Carnegie Mellon and resources on interviewing, transcription, recording equipment, and more. 

If you would like to learn more about the Oral History Program or about our other collections, contact us at

About the Oral History Program

The Carnegie Mellon University Oral History Program records the real-life memories and perspectives of those who experienced the history of CMU. These interviews do not just inform listeners of the events’ histories—they tell the story of how the events were experienced. We preserve the interviews in the University Archives for current and future generations. We share these histories through podcasts, live events, and educational and public programming.

As one of the few Oral History Programs in western Pennsylvania, we support Carnegie Mellon and our broader community by providing oral history services and consulting. Our work is made possible through support from our generous donors and community. 

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