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Mellon College of Science: 38-302: PROPEL: Science and Society: How to Import Files & Links

This guide provides information and resources that will be useful for the group projects.

Importing Files & Links

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how to import resources into Mendeley:


A Few Important Highlights:

  • You can drag and drop files into the Mendeley Desktop. You can also drag and drop entire folders of files.
  • You can manually add a file from your computer by selecting "Add files" under "File" in Mendeley Desktop
  • If you are working in an internet browser and find a website or paper that you want to import, simply click on the Web Importer icon in your browser.
  • If you or your team members use the Mendeley Web Importer to import files, be sure to sync your library when you open the Mendeley Desktop! Otherwise, some of your files might appear missing, but they just haven't synced across devices. You can read more here about how syncing works.

You can review the different ways to import files that you already have here and how to import files from the web here

Tip: Sync Across All of Your Devices

Does it seem like you are missing files? Has your teammate told you that they added a paper to the Mendeley library, but you can't find it? 

It's likely that your library is not synced! If working in the web version of Mendeley, you can simply refresh your browser. If you are working in Mendeley Desktop though, you have to hit the "Sync" button in the top ribbon.

When in doubt, sync your library!