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Fulbright-Nehru-CII Fellowships Research Guide: Home

This Guide

will lead you to the library databases, books, and other resources that will best support your research project at Tepper.




Research databases contain a wide range of journal articles, reports, and news.  Below are the some databases offered by Carnegie Mellon that should be useful for your project.  Occasionally you'll find a reference to an article without the full text - in that case, click the (Find a copy) or icon to find it.

Articles - Scholarly Google search

leads to articles, theses, books, and unpublished papers from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. If you add "Carnegie Mellon University" to Settings - Library Links, you can connect directly to anything CMU subscribes to.

Industry reports

Find industry leaders, statistics, current status, future trends, histories and profiles of the industries here. (For academic use only - please don't email reports.)