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Find Textbooks: Textbooks

This guide offers students some options for acquiring textbooks for their classes; however, check with your professor that the book you select can be used in your class.

Need a textbook?

The University Stores collect course materials information for current semester classes and post the information on CMU's Online Bookstore.  You can use the site for informational purposes only or to purchase eBooks, rentals, used books, or new books.  The site will indicate if course materials will be available from a different source—like the Libraries or Canvas.  For more information, check out the Textbook FAQs

Check if a book you need for class is available in the library, you can search the CMU Libraries catalog.

If you want to see if your instructor placed class required readings on reserve at the library, check Course Reserves.

Compare prices at these online websites:

Yes, you heard us right!  You can even try to trade books with others.  Here's a trading site:

Find more here:

Many websites provide free electronic access to books that are no longer covered by copyright protection: 

d. Internet Public Library(
e. Open Text Book

If your books are in good condition then before you put them out for recycling consider donating them to:

Buy Used, Rent or Borrow  this may be cheaper than purchasing new textbooks.  Here are some online used books sellers and/or renters:

Credits & Disclaimer

This guide is based on information from CUNY Libraries' Textbook Savings.

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