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Heinz College: 90-872 Using R for Public Data Analysis: Resources for Using R and RStudio

This guide provides links to resources for learning more about working with R and RStudio, and for finding public datasets for analysis.

Books for Learning R

Online Courses and Learning

Open Science and Data Collaboration (OSDC) Workshop Mini-Series

The CMU Libraries Open Science and Data Collaborations (OSDC) program offers a series of workshops related to data wrangling and analysis using open source tools like R and OpenRefine. Follow the links below to view and download the full lessons for these workshops.


In addition to the lesson content, you can view a series of short videos that walk through the content covered in these workshops. Follow the links below to get to our YouTube playlists with these video series.

Finding help with coding

Coding in R, whether you're an expert, novice or beginner, almost always involves building on other's code and learning from the broader coding community. Googling for answers to your coding questions, like troubleshooting error messages or figuring out how to get a plot to look a certain way, is part of the normal process of R programming. Here are a few useful websites and resources that can help you through your coding journey.


Many R packages come with useful resources that can help you navigate the various functions and options available. For example, many packages include reference manuals with a full description of package functions and arguments. Some also offer a vignette, which is a more narrative style example of how the package can be used. Reference manuals and vignettes for two popular packages that you'll be using in this course, dplyr and ggplot2, are linked to below.